Safety and Environmental Concerns

At Acoustical, we care about the environment. We strive to ensure that we are operating in the most environmentally friendly manner possible, while still efficiently completing the job. We use a variety of tactics to complete this.
Each employee is trained in our Safe Work Procedures and Safe Job Practices regarding chemical use and storage, equipment use and maintenance, and our Standard Operating Procedures. All of our information is aimed to lower the risk of chemical contamination, particulate exposure, and increase overall sustainability at our sites. To accomplish this, each employee is also trained in our Environmental Management Program, Quality Assurance Program, and Health and Safety Program. These programs are posted on the company safety boards and in vehicles for quick review. This policy is to be followed on every site, unless a pre-existing policy is implemented by the employer.

Acoustical provides all green washroom supplies which are approved by Eco Logo and Green Seal. Acoustical supplies Kimberly Clark Scott toilet tissue at 100% recycled content and 40% consumer waste, Kimberly Clark Scott Paper towel at 60% recycled content and 40% consumer waste, and Pur Value garbage bags which are 100% recyclable material. Acoustical does its best to ensure that its cleaning products are as environmentally safe as possible while still remaining effective. Acoustical can special order any and all products required by the site.

Acoustical makes it our mission to conform to any environmental standards set out by our Client. We are very knowledgeable about LEED standards and have no problem to altering any practices to suite your needs.

Many organizations do not understand how following an environmentally friendly mandate specifically helps them. Following these standards will remove expensive replacement costs of flooring and painting, by using effective non-abrasive chemicals which clean quickly to avoid surface damage, and low impact equipment which remains efficient while avoiding unnecessary wear and tear. Though slightly more expensive in the initial phase, these chemicals and equipment save buildings and organizations a lot of money in the end. These standards are also the safest for the elderly, the young, those with disability, and animals

Our Equipment

We carry a wide range of equipment for different tasks, and we use the latest equipment available, whether for general cleaning or specialized tasks. Whenever possible, we always try to use equipment that is ergonomically sound, that reduces particulates, and helps the sustainability of the building.

All equipment is regularly serviced to manufacturer’s specifications and is replaced at regular intervals. Because we are environmentally conscious, all our equipment operates with minimal environmental impact.


Cleaning Products

We care about our environment. And we care about our customers’ health. We show that care in many practical ways. Whenever possible, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products. They are safer for our employees to use, and safer for you. The products we have selected clean as well as traditional products do.

We are in constant contact with our suppliers who are re­quired to inform us about new “green” products as soon as they are introduced. We regularly evaluate new products at our home office and determine their safety, suitability and cost-effectiveness. Whenever we find such a product, we introduce it to site as soon as practicable. This is our personal commitment to our fragile environment.

Our environmentally friendly products are:

  • non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • free of phosphates and ozone-depleting compounds
  • have no known carcinogens
  • biodegradable
  • manufactured with safe pH levels and without hazardous ingredients

Acoustical works tirelessly with both Client and Supplier to ensure that every site has all appropriate equipment, materials, and supplies needed for efficient and high quality services. Any product needed by the Client can be obtained by our excellent suppliers, who are always on the lookout for new innovative products and equipment to increase quality and efficiency of the work while being as environmentally friendly as possible. Rest assured of reliable and qualified suppliers will always do their best to find any product needed on you sites.

Water damage
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24/7  Emergencies
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We want you to take for granted the cleanliness of your work area. Our goal is to ensure that cleaning is the last item on your mind when you arrive to work in the morning and leave each night. We will always go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction.

Our Standard

Our priority is that you have no cause for complaint. If a mistake is made, rectifying that mistake as soon as possible becomes our Number One concern. Simply call us at 780-496-9035 and we will spring into action immediately. We will determine the reason and cause of the error and take all necessary steps to prevent reoccurrence.

We Strive To Provide Excellent Quality Services.