Employee Training

Employee Training
Acoustical does its best to ensure that every site is supplied with high quality and responsible personnel who take pride in the job that they do. Once hired, the employee is required to submit all documents pertaining to the work including a criminal record check. From there, they are sent to the Training Managers who provide a company orientation and safety training.

  • All our staff are trained in:
  • Industry related Safe Work Practices and Safe Job Procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Emergency Response Procedures, Investigations, and Reporting
  • Inspections and Corrective Action Reports
  • Biohazard Cleanup and Pest Control Preparation
  • Operation of equipment
  • Proper use, treatment, and storage of cleaning products
  • W.H.M.I.S. and S.D.S.
  • First Aid, Fall Protection, and Elevated Work Platform Safety

We recognize that a single training session is never sufficient. Over time, employees for­get details about cleaning procedures and cleaning products that can be critical not only for efficient cleaning, but for the health and safety of every person on site. For this reason, we con­duct on-going training programs that keep our employees’ skills at peak levels, ensures the safety of all people, and guarantees our quality is second to none. From the time a new employee joins us, she or he is in “con­stant training” mode.

We cultivate a sense of pride and job ownership in all our staff, and you can see this in the quality of work they do.

We are committed to safety. Our training programs, our refresher courses and our managers stress safety at all times, whether on the job or between jobs.

At Acoustical, cleaning is our profession. We do not see ourselves as outsiders who clean your premises, but as partners who work with you.

Job Management

No matter how small or large, each job is supervised by a Project Manager who is responsible for all aspects of the work to be done. One Project Manager is assigned to each customer, and it is his or her job to ensure zero complaints and customer satisfaction. The Project Manager quickly becomes very knowledgeable about each site in the portfolio — its problems, special requirements and cleaning needs — and is able to ensure that each day’s cleaning is done consistently and to your, and Acoustical’s, high standards. The Manager also forms a single point of contact for you. You deal with the same person, and obtain prompt, knowledgeable service

The Project Manager:

  • understands your specific requirements
  • plans the work to be done
  • assigns staff and tasks
  • manages the cleaning process
  • conducts quality checks
  • ensures that your specifications are met
  • signs off on our Job Control Sheet to indicate that he or she
    is satisfied with the work done by the cleaning team

Our rigorous Project Management practices ensure your complete satisfaction. If ever you feel that a job has not been done right, call us to get the problem fixed immediately.

Water damage
(780) 496 9035


24/7  Emergencies
(780)  496-9035

We want you to take for granted the cleanliness of your work area. Our goal is to ensure that cleaning is the last item on your mind when you arrive to work in the morning and leave each night. We will always go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction.

Our Standard

Our priority is that you have no cause for complaint. If a mistake is made, rectifying that mistake as soon as possible becomes our Number One concern. Simply call us at 780-496-9035 and we will spring into action immediately. We will determine the reason and cause of the error and take all necessary steps to prevent reoccurrence.

We Strive To Provide Excellent Quality Services.