Janitorial cleaning

Interior Cleaning

We offer a complete range of indoor cleaning services for retail, commercial, industrial, entertainment, medical, government buildings, educational and recreational facilities. Every location follows the same great standard practices:

  1. Services that are customized to your needs.
    We review your specific requirements and recommend a customized cleaning program that will meet your particular needs at the most reasonable cost. Alternatively, if a plan is already created, we will follow your cleaning specifications.
  2. Customer checklist created just for you.
    Our management staff create a specific checklist of items to be completed based on the agreed Scope of Work for the site. The crews use this checklist each time they clean your site or office, to ensure that they are carrying out your cleaning instructions.
  3. Formal and Informal Inspections.
    Each and every employee of Acoustical is trained in our Quality Assurance Program upon hire, and this includes inspections. Informal inspections are conducted weekly, with formal inspections occurring monthly. All reports are kept in file for no less than 1 year and copies of all information can be provided to you upon request.
  4. Consistently updated training for staff.
    We con­duct on-going training programs that keep our employees' skills at peak levels. Our policy is that every employee is trained upon hire before even stepping foot on site. This ensures the safety of all people on site, and guarantees our quality is second to none. All training for a new site is “hands on”. We know that no one can learn a buildings requirements and standards simply by looking at a piece of paper. Each employee undergoes mandatory retraining after a one year period, though training may happen sooner if new techniques are released in the industry.


Exterior Cleaning

Acoustical has expanded our range of services to also include services for the maintenance and upkeep of building exteriors. We offer a variety of exterior cleaning options including:

  • Exterior window and frame cleaning
  • Pressure washing of building exterior
  • Pressure washing and scrubbing of sidewalks and entranceways
  • Snow removal of sidewalks and entranceways
  • Spring Cleanup and Lawn Maintenance
  • Litter Pick up

Snow Removal

Acoustical has been providing snow removal services for over 5 years. We have a wide variety of machinery including walk behind and ride on snow blowers, snow throwers, and snow brushes. We provide snow removal services to sidewalks, concrete entrances, driving and parking pads.

Spring Clean Up and Lawn Maintenance

We have been providing spring cleanup and lawn maintenance services for 3 years. We can provide services from small front yards to soccer and football fields. We have all necessary walk behind and ride on lawn mowers, grass and leaf blowers, and minor equipment to make your building look its best.

Litter pick-up

Acoustical also provides manual litter pick-up services for areas where mechanized equipment cannot be used.

You can request occasional or scheduled cleaning, depending on your needs. In consultation with you, we will set up a cleaning program that is economical yet effective.

To schedule your Exterior Cleaning services, or to request a quote, give us a call at 780-496-9035.

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We want you to take for granted the cleanliness of your work area. Our goal is to ensure that cleaning is the last item on your mind when you arrive to work in the morning and leave each night. We will always go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction.

Our Standard

Our priority is that you have no cause for complaint. If a mistake is made, rectifying that mistake as soon as possible becomes our Number One concern. Simply call us at 780-496-9035 and we will spring into action immediately. We will determine the reason and cause of the error and take all necessary steps to prevent reoccurrence.

We Strive To Provide Excellent Quality Services.