Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets need regular cleaning to look their best and to prolong their life. In high-traffic areas, they need extra care, whether for stain removal or removal of ground-in dirt. Air quality is a major factor when carpets are not clean, for all the dust and dirt that falls and gets trapped in the carpet fibers get released back into the air when stepped on, resulting in allergies and asthmatic problems to arise.

At Acoustical, we use the latest equipment and methods to clean your carpets. We pre-treat high-traffic areas, use specialized stain removal products as needed, and employ hot water dirt extraction systems.

We offer the same careful treatment for your upholstery. We customize our cleaning procedures to each type of upholstery fabric. The result: a professional, clean look each time.

Cleaning can be done as required, or at regular intervals. We will be pleased to recommend a cleaning program based on your needs and traffic/usage.

To schedule your Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning services, or to request a quote, give us a call at 780-496-9035.

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We want you to take for granted the cleanliness of your work area. Our goal is to ensure that cleaning is the last item on your mind when you arrive to work in the morning and leave each night. We will always go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction.

Our Standard

Our priority is that you have no cause for complaint. If a mistake is made, rectifying that mistake as soon as possible becomes our Number One concern. Simply call us at 780-496-9035 and we will spring into action immediately. We will determine the reason and cause of the error and take all necessary steps to prevent reoccurrence.

We Strive To Provide Excellent Quality Services.